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ReOpening Your Office

To My Valued Offices:

I recognize that you are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19.

In addition to creating a resource site where you can access information on COVID-19, I have also created this checklist you can follow when you are ready to reopen your office.

Following these recommended items will help protect the investment you have made in your office and inform patients how they will be protected during their visit.




Reopening Your Office Checklist:


In preparation:

❏ Inventory PPE

❏ Order all necessary PPE

❏ Evaluate laundry system for lab coats

❏ Evaluate surface disinfectant 

❏ Evaluate instrument processing system

❏ Evaluate current HVAC system – air exchange


One week prior to opening

❏ Notify all patients

❏ Develop plan for the office

❏ Evaluate use of brushing station

❏ Develop disinfection protocol for front office

❏ Review proper disinfection protocol and PPE worn for disinfecting contact

    surfaces in clinical area

❏ Review instrument processing protocols

❏ Refill self-contained water bottles

❏ Shock water lines

❏ Test water quality – must be under 500 cfu’s– confirm results prior to seeing patients

❏ If you use a water purification system, turn on water.

❏ Fill all sterilizers with distilled water

❏ Run spore tests in all sterilizers – confirm results prior to seeing patients

❏ Test ultrasonic unit for efficacy

❏ Clean and disinfect all environmental surfaces and equipment

❏ Follow manufacturer’s instructions for use for restarting equipment and 



Prior to coming to the office

❏ When scheduling appointments, instruct patients and any persons

    accompanying them to call ahead and report any signs and symptoms of 

    respiratory infection PRIOR to arrival

❏ Confirm appointments


Patients arriving at the office

❏ Ask patients to wash hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the office

❏ Screening

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