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Team Building & Staff Training

Creating your own “Dream Team” is every practitioner’s wish. A well-balanced team will make your life and the lives of your Dream Team more fulfilling. You and your team spend a large portion of your day in the office working in close quarters. Relationships can become strained easily. Strained relationships can quickly deteriorate moral in the entire office. It doesn’t take long for patients to feel the tension.


Poor communication, lack of systems, lack of training, perceived lack of leadership are all possible reasons why tension can grow in an office. Andrea can help you working one-on-one or in a group setting to balance the office and help you create and maintain your Dream Team. 


Training of a new clinical team member is often a demanding job for an already busy practice. Many offices do not have time, personnel, or a training protocol to properly hire and train a new clinical team member. A new clinician is hired with the intention of a training period and training column prior to running a full column of patients. In today’s busy orthodontic practice this often does not happen.


In order to maintain a high level of patient care, Andrea can come into your practice and train your new clinician. This will allow the experienced clinicians to continue to provide outstanding service and care to your patients while the trainee is taught the basics of orthodontic clinical assisting. 


Andrea will implement a training plan to include goals, time frames as well as materials for learning orthodontic basics, correct product use such as adhesive and sealants, impressions, sterilization, vocabulary, and proper verbiage. 

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