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Shutting Down Your Office

To My Valued Offices:

I recognize that you are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19.

In addition to creating a resource site where you can access information on COVID-19, I have also created this checklist you can follow if you choose to temporarily close your office.

Following these recommended items will help protect the investment you have made in your office.


Before You Leave Your Office Check List:


Mechanical Room

❏ Turn off nitrous units including shut-off valves on all tanks.

❏ Confirm that vacuum is powered off, but electricity is still supplied to vacuum

system, some brands perform periodic cycles.

❏ Shut down power to air compressor so unit doesn’t run while out.

❏ If office is not equipped with main master water shutoff valve, shut off water inlet valve to vacuum pump by hand.



❏ Clean chairside vacuum traps and replace screens.

❏ Run recommended vacuum cleaner through lines.

❏ Clean and lubricate all valves and O-rings in HVE and saliva ejectors.

❏ Perform shock treatment on delivery system water lines and flush system following guidelines from the manufacturer.

❏ Remove and empty all self-contained water bottles and flush lines until empty and free of water.

❏ If office is not equipped with main master water shutoff valve, shut off water valves by hand at foot of chair.

❏ Remove and clean slow speeds and motors from delivery unit hoses.

❏ Remove all handpieces, lubricate and sterilize.

❏ Turn off all power to dental units.



❏ Run or perform a backup of server.

❏ Turn off computer peripherals such as scanners, speakers and desktop printers.

❏ Do Not Turn Off

• Fax machines

• Phones

• Servers and backup drive systems

• Security systems


Sterilization – Lab

❏ Clean, package and sterilize all instruments to be stored

❏ Follow manufacturer recommended cleaning on sterilizers.

❏ Drain all sterilizer water reservoirs – If possible, suction out reservoirs where needed with HVE.

❏ Unplug sterilizers to avoid any power surges.

❏ Run water through model trimmer to avoid plaster buildup, flush extra water through drain, and hand shut-off water inlet valve.

❏ Drain ultrasonic cleaner and remove any instruments. 

❏ Unplug all curing lights



❏ Turn off all x-rays and unplug conebeam/panoramic units.

❏ Remove all handheld x-ray batteries from charging cradles.


What to do when you reopen:

❏ Shock water lines

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for use

Test waterlines after shock is completed

❏ Run spore tests in all sterilizers

❏ Test ultrasonic unit for efficacy

❏ Clean and disinfect all environmental surfaces and equipment

❏ Follow manufacturers instruments for use for restating equipment and devises


❏Vacuum systems

❏ Water filtration/purification systems

❏ Imaging systems

❏ Increased screening of patients

❏ Prior to coming to the office

❏ Ask about respiratory symptoms, travel history, and potential exposures

❏ Reappointing all patients with respiratory symptoms

❏Except emergencies

❏ Ask patients to wash hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the 


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