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Andrea Cook was invaluable in helping us set up our new and efficient sterilization system at my recently opened practice. From the first phone call I was impressed with her knowledge, demeanor, kindness and patience. We had a wonderful experience and now enjoy a streamlined, state of the art system.

- Dr. Constance Greeley, Kennett Square, PA

With Andrea’s help, my office was able to dramatically improve our efficiency and take our level of communication and performance to a new level.  After her on-site visit and training, my staff was motivated, and has actually continued to maintain her recommendations and instructions, and continue to strive for the excellence that she set for us and our patients.

-  Dr. Lindsay Limbaugh, Huntsville, AL

Andrea Cook was a fantastic asset to my practice during our recent practice build out and move.  She not only took the time to truly understand how we were currently operations, but also really helped develop a sterilization system for where our practice was heading.  She worked with my designers and my team directly and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the sterilization design and the implementation of her recommended systems and protocols. I would recommend her without reservation.

- Dr. Carrie Thangamani, Hinsdale, IL

Andrea is a highly knowledgeable, intelligent and driven individual.  She prides herself on knowing regulations regarding OSHA, Infection Control and others.  When we decided to update our sterilization area, there was no other option in our minds: Andrea Cook Consulting was the clear choice.  Andrea drew up our plan, worked with our contractor and equipment provider, and provided us with peace of mind that the project was done to all codes and regulation.  Her onsite visits were key; my staff was comfortable having someone introduce new equipment, processes and procedures to them in person, as opposed to learning on their own or via the phone.  She worked alongside my staff to make sure our sterilization area was ready for patients the next week!  As an orthodontist running a busy 2 location practice, it was a priceless service to turn it over to her and know it was done perfectly.  Thank you Andrea for your dedication, professionalism and your knowledge.  We truly enjoy you, both personally and professionally.

- Dr. Joe Dietrich, MD, Canton, OH

Andrea’s help with sterilization for our new office was invaluable. She handled everything from design and ordering to implementation and training. My team and I loved working with her. She made learning the new sterilization protocol easy for them to understand. Her two day in office program is comprehensive and her attention to detail and follow up made us feel like we were her only project! Thanks Andrea!

- Dr. Russell McCabe, Columbus, IN

We recently constructed a new office, and Andrea was instrumental in the design and implementation of our sterilization center. We were also making the transition to a cassette based system, and I’m certain this would have been overwhelming and more expensive without her assistance. She worked directly with our cabinet maker to ensure the drawer dimensions would accommodate our equipment and supplies. Having never used a system like this, her “on the ground” knowledge was vital to getting things setup correctly and avoiding post-construction modifications to our cabinetry.  She was not only here for the planning phase, but was onsite our first day in the new building to make sure everything ran smoothly.  She also worked with our clinical team on organization of chairside units for maximum efficiency, and personally trained them on the use and care of all the new equipment.  In addition, she was able to give the team perspective on how the practice and our expectations would change as we continued to grow. We’ve also implemented her clinical training protocol for our new chairside assistants, and have been thrilled with the results.  After we moved in to the new office, she continued to go above and beyond in helping us settle in and make the most of our new facility. We cannot recommend Andrea enough!

- Dr. Kathryn Swan, Grand Rapids, MI

Andrea Cook continues to set the gold standard for clinical consulting. I hired her to help me put systems in place for sterilization, training, and treatment planning and she delivered! And she was a great resource to my Clinical Manager during all the implementation. I highly recommend her services if you want to get the next level of clinical excellence!

- Dr. Michael Weiler

If you are looking for orthodontic excellence with clinical consulting, look no further. Andrea Cook is a wealth of knowledge and truly transformed our practice in so many ways to help our overall patient experience. I highly recommend utilizing her services and promise your only regret will be not doing it sooner!

- Sarah Hanger - Practice Manager

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