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Remote Services During COVID-19

Remote Consultation Offerings

I have received requests for information from offices have regarding OSHA and CDC compliance.  With many of our offices closed, I am offering discounts on my remote consulting services.  Some areas that can be addressed include;


Option #1 – Sterilization Area Review 

I will review your present sterilization area and evaluate your present instrument reprocessing system.  We will discuss areas for possible improvement to gain compliance with the current CDC and state dental guidelines. We can develop a plan to implement changes to gain compliance and have the office ready when patients return.  We will review equipment, solutions, procedural setups (cassettes or pouched), complete an instrument audit, and review proper storage.

I will provide you with templates for the necessary documents needed for CDC compliance.  I will work with your Infection Prevention Coordinator to complete the necessary documents and manuals.

Prior to our consultation, you will take a video and photos of your sterilization and clinical areas and instrument storage.   I will also ask for a list of all sterilization equipment and solutions used in the office.  Please send this information to prior to our scheduled consultation.

Option #2 - Develop your OSHA coordinator, OSHA manual and SDS sheets.  

Identify and train OSHA Coordinator

Complete OSHA Compliance Manual templates, including: 

            Work Exposure Control Plan

            Infection Control Policy

            Post Exposure Management Plan

            Fire and Emergency Plan

            Workplace Violence Policy

            Hazard Communication Plan

            Waste Management Plan 

Customized Quality Control Manual and task logs 

Employee Medical Records 

Copies of the regulations and guidelines

A one-hour webinar to train all team members on OSHA and infection control. These can be the view from home or office to allow all team members to participate.


Option #3 Develop your clinical training manual 

A complete up to date training manual is important to all offices.  Many offices use the sink-or-swim method of training and can cause frustration from the trainer and trainee.  Also, all new hires must receive OSHA training with 5 days of hire. 


Included in your clinical training manual:

            Employee job descriptions

            Bite classifications

            Braces terminology

            Tooth surfaces and numbering charts

            Orthodontic vocabulary

            Training program for your new clinical team member

            Types and stages of orthodontic treatment

            Templates for CDC compliance documents including:

                  Instrument processing protocol

                  Standard precautions and infection control protocol

                  Impression and appliance disinfection protocol

             A list of office-specific information to be added by your team member


Option #4 Planning to reopen your office

As we prepare to reopen our practices, it is time to adjust your mindset to assess what will need to change. What must be done before you can safely reopen your practice? What should be communicated and how in order to instill confidence in patients and staff? When your practice reopens, it will be in a post-COVID-19 world, where the old normal simply will not exist. Your practice needs to be safer than ever before when it comes to infection prevention. What actions can be taken to ensure this? What has been done so far? What will be done moving forward?


Included is:

            Checklist for preparing to reopen:

                   In preparation

                   One week prior to opening

                   Prior to coming to the office

                   Patients arriving at the office

            1 – hour webinar to review: 


                  Disinfection protocols

                  Sterilization and instrument reprocessing

                  Verbiage for patient information on reopening

                  Verbiage for patients in the office

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